Who is this group for?

All interested gay, bisexual, or questioning men of any age who are or have been married or partnered, with or without children are all welcome to all GFAS meetings. GFAS membership is not required.

“Attending a GFAS meeting is a rare opportunity to look into ourselves. The comradeship that evolves is amazing… lifelong friendships are often made here.

Indeed, you are not alone. You are far from it. Every week there are new attendees at the Gay Fathers Association of Seattle (GFAS) support group meetings and there are new posts almost daily on our secret Facebook group. Attending a support group meeting for the first time may be difficult for some, but by the end of the meeting many will find it has been a pivotal experience, even if they just listened. It will have been the first time they are in the company of men like themselves, men who can empathize with their fears and offer unconditional acceptance.

“I first learned of the groups existence through the SGN [Seattle Gay News] classified listings. Not sure of what I would be getting myself in for, I carried the info around for weeks before making contact. My wife encouraged me to do so. Once I took that step I found an amazing group of men on the same journey as I, welcoming me into the group. Under the guidelines of confidentiality, honesty, speaking our own truths & not telling others what to do, the group provided me the space to share openly and without fear. I’ve gained insight, perspective and support for making my life decisions. An added plus for me has been the opportunity to contribute to the group process and support my fellow members.”