How can GFAS help?

A support system is an invaluable place to turn to for reassurance. GFAS members help each other. If you’re reading this, you may be experiencing one of the biggest quandaries in your life… being gay or bisexual and married or partnered with a woman, and having children. Your family may feel like it’s on the verge of collapsing, and it all seems to be centered on Dad.

We’re a support group of men with unique paths in life. As individuals we come to the meeting with many things on our upturned plates, but at the same time we’re here for each other. You finally find a sphere of men with whom you can discover a deep sense of belonging. Perhaps you’ll stop shaking your head, ‘you don’t get it’. Maybe now someone does understand. Men attending the meetings share their personal experiences, and bring awareness to resources that have been of value in their journey.

“I have so many questions. Do I tell my wife and children? When, how? Will they leave me? Should I leave them? Do I want to start over as a gay man? Will my children hate me? Am I using my spouse, am I just afraid to move on? Will anyone understand?”